Some Must Fall


There is trouble in Byriad. 

Istus is the descendent of a lineage of kings, but as he trains to take his father’s throne, a rebel king is rising. The northbound lands have fallen to rebel reign, and mercenaries sail the wintertide sea. Swept from the comfort and safety of his castle, Istus is thrust into a world of suffering and suspicion, to find light only as a star rises to the heavens and a Grey Falcon dashes the sky. The rebel king is rising. 

But in order for others to rise… 

…some must fall.

Bestowed to man the Falcon Grey

Presaged that good would never stray

Kings Will Rise


A king was born to rise.

Istus, prince of the fallen southern kingdom, has withstood much since his capture in Byriad. He has seen death—and dealt it. Now he is faced with more than the loss of loved-ones. If he does not stand, the tyrant king, Caresuad, will seize Ala’tona and never yield. 

The force of allies stationed on The Bloody Mountain must move to the Castle Corin where mercenaries may be willing to aid their cause. But Caresuad knows their every move. Ambushes continually harass them. Their troops will never make it down the mountain in time to reach the mercenaries.

From the highest peak to the underground depths, they will try only to survive, and all hope will lie on the Princess Taria to keep the mercenary soldiers from departing Ala’tona’s shores.

Yet even in Caresuad’s lingering shadow, another force is at play—something more sinister—something that can help destroy Ala’tona or help save it.

One Shall Stand

Istus has fought his father’s wars. He has fulfilled his father’s duties. Now comes the time to take his father’s throne. But, without sacrifice, the throne will not last for long. Caresuad’s shadow of tyranny has spread.

The Párlan’s army has barely escaped the ambushes in the Pareteese Mountains and have finally returned to Castle Corin. Yet, back in Istus’ home, power and politics collide. Five leaders of five armies must work together to lay final siege on Caresuad’s castle. 


Istus must put aside his fears. He must be willing to stand. But, he must also be willing to fall when the end comes.